Andre Abi Awad

Andre Abi Awad

Founder and CEO of Entreprenergy

Founder Entreprenergy, the largest community of Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals in the Arab World. Thousands of decision makers from different industries, including non-tech companies, connect with various opportunities inside the community on

Since 2008, visited 20 countries as a Motivational Speaker and Trainer empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, to start their business using the Lean Methodology and bootstrapping strategies. (More than a thousand entrepreneur joined The Entrepreneurial Growth Series on

Founder and CEO of Digital Smarter, a company specialized in Customer Acquisition using Digital Marketing strategies, operating in Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Canada. We help coaches, consultants and service providers to increase their sales by 20% in the first 3 months with a double bulletproof guarantee.

Trainer and consultant in Business Growth and Scaling Strategies.