Alejandra Luzardo

Alejandra Luzardo

Innovation and creativity Leader and Strategist for the Cultural and Creative Industry at The IDB at Inter American Development Bank

Alejandra Luzardo is the IDB’s leader in Innovation and Creativity and Co-founder of Demand Solutions. She leads and contributes to the research, design, execution and evaluation of projects in the sectors of the cultural and creative industries Latin America and the Caribbean. His recent publications have been “best sellers” of the IDB Orange Economy: Innovations you did not know were from Latin America and the Caribbean and Undertaking an orange future: Fifteen questions to better understand creative entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean and Video Games: More than Just a Game: The Unknown Successes of Latin American and Caribbean Studios.

She is a founding member of Prodiseño, School of Visual Communication and Design in Caracas, Venezuela, he has a Master’s Degree in Communication and Film Production from American University, Washington DC. In addition, she has been recognized for her participation in Singularity University, and Harvard University.

She has participated as a jury in several international startup competitions such as El Honduras digital challenge, El Smarth film festival, The Big Ideas Student Innovation Contest of the University of Berckley, Demand Solutions of the Inter-American Development Bank, among others.

As a speaker, she has been invited to present in forums such as E-merge Americas, the Monterrey Institute of Technology, DES – Digital Business World Congress, the Smartfilm festival, CHEC SUR, the first intersectoral market of creative economy in the southern zone of Chile, MICSUR, MICBR and many international conferences on the creative cultural industry.

His opinion articles have been published in El País, América Economía, el tiempo Financiero, Forbes México, La Nación, Entrepreneur, Infobae, Millenio, and many international newspapers and magazines.