Carla Mayuni

Business Partner Box1824 Brazil

Carla Mayumi is a business partner at Box1824, a research consultancy in Brazil that conducted, in 2011, an in depth study on young Brazilians and their views on their country and the changing values of the world. She has helped Box1824 incubate two companies that are now part of a larger group: LiveAd (an award-winning digital PR agency), and TalkInc (a digital research agency). At Box1824, she leads the innovation projects that combine research, design and collaboration workshops. She has also been a speaker at Brazil’s TEDx Amazon event and at the SWSX Interactive event in Austin, Texas.

Carla believes that creativity has a lot to do with multiplicity and she exercises this engaging in a range of different interest groups. One of her passions is crafts – specially knitting – and she has become a reference in Brazil in the importance of reconnecting with the art of making things with your own hands, in a contemporary way.

Being a mother of two, she has a keen interest in education and is currently writing a book – in collaboration with three friends – about innovation in education through the perspective of twelve schools with creative models around the world.