20th March 2023


Accelerating Sustainability in the Creative Economy and Creative Industries
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20th March 2023

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20th March 2023


Epsom, UK
Epsom, UK
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Surmounting the barriers to sustainability, learning to compete in a fast-moving world and creating a future are at the centre of driving sustainable innovation. Sustainable Innovation 2023 is bringing together people who care about these challenges but also have significant impact is vital to drive true change and build ecosystems that nurture change. Sustainable Innovation 2023 focus on these challenges and objectives by bringing together thought leaders, sharing knowledge, networking and building partnerships. Sustainable Innovation 2023 is an opportunity for you to meet and network with local talent from the Creative Economy and the Creative Industries, learn from experts and share ideas on how we can all play our part in accelerating sustainability in our respective sectors.  

Organised by the centre for sustainable design - sustainable innovation 2023 aims to bring together local experts and international stars from the creative industries and partner countries to explore Sustainable Innovation in creative businesses. It is a unifying platform that makes sense for anyone committed to playing their part in accelerating innovation and improvement in environmental awareness, sustainability and quality of life. This 6 days program will cover following areas:

  • Foresight, futures, and forecasting
  • Product policy and legislation
  • Sustainable consumption and production
  • Social transformation
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Circular Economy, product durability and life extension    
  • Re-use, repair, and remanufacturing
  • Sustainable business models
  • Hidden environment costs of practice, production, and     consumption (e.g. cost of streaming)
  • Cultural adaptations in the context of climate change
  • Metaverses
  • Communicating sustainability
  • Marketing, advertising, and sustainability
  • Industry 4.0
  • Innovation
  • Design and development
  • Development of tools, toolkits, and methodologies
  • Craft, locality and recovering local traditions
  • Createch
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Supply chains and networks
  • Materials innovation
  • Ethical production
  • Digital ethics
  • Sustainability in education
  • Case studies

Online: 24thInternational Conference
20th - 26th March 2023

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