World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum 2017


August 29, 2017
Karoline Haulund

Creative Business Cup would like to raise your attention to the

World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum 2017 on ‘Achieving the SDGs through promoting Entrepreneurship & Innovation’ from 31st of Oct to 3rd of Nov in Bahrain.

The Kingdom of Bahrain, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Arab International Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation are hosting the World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum 2017. The event takes place from 31st of Oct to 3rd of Nov in Bahrain and welcomes entrepreneurs from across the globe, developmental organizations and funds, chambers of commerce, economic associations and entrepreneurship networks, universities and academia, as well as major financial institutions and investors.

The World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum is organized with the goal of developing partnerships between entrepreneurs, and sharing best practice. The Forum will facilitate access to finance and allow developmental funds and financial institutions to get a closer understanding of linking financial to non-financial services towards development of entrepreneurs and MSMEs. Specifically, the Forum will address the means to strengthen cooperation between entrepreneurs along the Maritime-Continental Silk Road, Global Impact Investing and Promoting Women in Industry.

For more information and registration, click here.


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