We welcome Indrek Kasela to the jury


November 13, 2014
CBN Team

Growing up in Soviet Union and witnessing its downfall, clearly demonstrated that life is about changes and taking charge. Programming in Pascal and FORTRAN was probably not what most expected Soviet kids did in their free time, but what else do you expect from school where your schoolmates are four of the Estonian founders of Skype?

During the early days of Indrek Kaselas professional life was advising on and structuring various privatisations in the country, from waterworks and landfills to shipping companies. At the same time he started to be active as first VCs in the country riding the early wave of tech revolution here.

Indrek decided to join one of the portfolio companies, Privador, as founder and CEO. Privador and Institute of Cybernetics were instrumentral in creating the backbone of today’s much heralded e-Estonia. From this project emerged GuardTime, world’s leading keyless signatures provided, where Indrek Kasela is also a proud angel. Good part of the last decade Indrek Kasela have been running Tallinn office of  the largest Private Equity funds in Baltics. He currently serves on nine different boards from insurance, media to branded foods companies.


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