We welcome Christian Stadil as jury member

Christian Stadil is one of the most significant and charismatic younger business leaders in Denmark

November 14, 2014
CBN Team

Christian Stadil is also known internationally for his unique and innovative management philosophy and award winning marketing and branding thinking.
He is the dynamic owner and manager of the family-owned company Thornico, which operates within a variety of industries: food, technology, shipping, real estate, finance, fashion and sports (Hummel). In addition hi is a serial entrepreneur lately especially within the digital, online and tech area. His basic philosophy is called Company Karma, through which the objective is to create value from a quadruple winning perspective, where both the company, employees, customers and cases in focus is implemented.

Christian Stadil has received several international prizes and awards as an innovative business leader, visionary market innovator and original management thinker. He is onboard in several think tanks and is also a member of various boards. Last but not least, Christian Stadil is the co-author of various inspirational and original books on management philosophy, creativity and personal development.

The book “In the shower with Picasso”, written with Professor Lene Tanggaard, AUC in 2013, was published in 2014 in numerous of languages and countries including the UK, Japan and Korea. At Copenhagen Business School Christian Stadil is a popular and frequently used keynote, whom the students greatly appreciate.


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