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March 11, 2021
CBN Team

Knowing when and where your music is being played is very important when you are working in the music industry. WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) is an innovative digital service that allows you to track your music on the radio all around the world, in real-time! It’s a powerful tool that helps you to improve your royalty collection, optimize promotion strategies, target new markets and get a clear overview of your fan base. Get detailed insights on when and where your music is being played right now!

Connecting Creatives from the Music Industry

The web application is their contribution to end the disconnect between multiple branches within the music industry due to lack of data transparency. WARM has the purpose of providing true transparency to artists/bands, record labels, PR agencies, and booking agents. The service monitors an impressive collection of +28,000 radio stations, which makes it the largest and most accurate radio monitor on the market.

Until now it has been extremely expensive and difficult to access airplay data for the middle and low layers of the industry. It was more or less only available to major labels. The independent artists and labels now have the proof and the information they need to enhance their business and promote their music in the right areas.

About WARM

WARM was founded on 21 December 2016 and now has 13 employees plus a couple of freelancers and advisors affiliated with the company. The service cover 28.000 radio stations around the world, in real-time. WARM is structured as a subscription-based service. The price of a subscription varies from 2,5-7€ per month per song and at the moment we have 5000 active subscriptions.

You can follow WARM on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest news.

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