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June 1, 2015
CBN Team

Arla is by most people in Scandinavia considered a conservative farming industry company producing primarily dairy products. But Arla is now engaging with innovative startups from the creative industries to gain a competitive advantage.The Arla Food Innovation Challenge is a collaboration with Creative Business Cup – the world championship for entrepreneurs in the creative industries. The focus is to find and integrate human centred food innovation into Arla.

Arla Food Innovation Challenge

You can join

We are inviting all startups from the creative industries to join and contribute to unravelling future challenges within the field of food. As a participating startup you can be a part of defining new foods, new ways of producing dairy product or simply whole new ways of thinking food and food culture. The Innovation Challenges is for all startups, including startups who are not otherwise competing in Creative Business Cup.
The Arla Food Innovation Challenge provides a unique starting point for creative startups, by inviting them to present their innovative concepts before a professional jury, who will provide valuable feedback and advice. As a startup this is your chance to possibly engage in co-creating and redefine products and approaches within the dairy industry.

What is The Arla Food Innovation Challenge?

The Arla Food Innovation Challenge is a challenge of minds, not a competition among products. We have a thing with dairy, perhaps your passion is sustainability, culture or technology. Our approach is human centred and we are looking for the next surprisingly innovative idea that will make our world a better place to eat – rather than the next flavour in yoghurts. Our minds are set on open innovation and co-creation – we don’t know about yours – surprise us!

For more about The Arla Food Innovation Challenge go to
Here you will find everything from criteria to practical information on how to participate.

Visit to learn more about Arla and how they have worked hard to continuously have a responsible and sustainable dairy corporation.

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