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March 11, 2021
CBN Team

Twisted Leaf is the beverage brand generating environmental and social impact. Here’s how.

Twisted Leaf is the world’s 1st producer of blended beverages made from coffee leaves – an interesting pioneering ingredient and a superfood, which is typically burnt. Moreover, their activity means a completely new source of income for smallholder coffee farmers in East Africa, and strengthens sustainable trade and circular production. The result is an alcohol-free refreshing drink, containing natural caffeine.

A Creative Way to Upcycle Coffee Leaves

By using the coffee leaves, Twisted Leaf is promoting the consumption of a completely overlooked and wasted food, which is indeed a natural by-product. Most importantly, their activity provides a much-needed secondary source of income for millions of coffee farmers, that can help solve the underlying reasons to structural poverty for smallholder coffee farmers. The best part is – by upcycling the coffee leaf one create an incentive for smallholder coffee farmers to cultivate their coffee trees correctly which further increases the yield output and quality of coffee beans.

You can read more here about their impact here and follow Twisted Leaf on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

About Twisted Leaf

  • Employees: 4 in total –> 2 in Denmark, 2 in Kenya
  • Turnover: 147.00 Dkk in 2019 – 388.000 dkk in 2020
  • Product development cost since 2017: 2.5 mio dkk
  • Funds raised private and public: 2.3 mio dkk
  • Product launch: September 2020
  • Products sold since launch: 7500 units.

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