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March 2, 2021
CBN Team

Imagine to combine cooking and data science.

Plant Jammer is a team formed by data scientists and chefs who collaborate to bring innovative and interactive recipes to the audience. Together, they have developed an App that helps food brands and retailers to release these great recipes to the world. Through this experience, they aim at engaging users to shop and enjoy cooking.

How does it work?
Plant Jammer partners with diverse food brands, like Eat Grim, which delivers quality veggie boxes by subscription. These brands will be able to create their own page, and post their ingredients or recipes, while users discover surprising recipes just by introducing in the app the ingredients they have at home. Moreover, the app helps the users to adapt the recipes to the their diet and taste.

About Plant Jammer
Plant Jammer has 18 employees, and great future prospects, as it is growing 20% every month. So far, 1.4 mn people have downloaded the app.

You can follow Plant Jammer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube to stay updated with their latest news.

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