Opportunities at Creative Business Cup 2019

Opportunities overload at Creative Business Cup!

May 20, 2019
CBN Team

We look forward to welcoming all of our startups, investors, media and other cool people from around the world this year to Creative Business Cup Global Finals 2019: Bright!

It’s all about bright ideas, bright lights, bright startups and bright nights. The days may be long, but they are bright. And so are our startups from around the world.
Here are our top initiatives and opportunities for this year:

  1. The Pay it Forward Initiative
    A great opportunity for corporates who love startups as much as we do! It’s a chance to empower bright minds AND be featured on the Creative Business Cup Hall of Fame. Know more and apply here.
  2. What’s the next big thing in the creative industries?
    It’s definitely more than one. And that’s why we’re putting a spotlight on areas that topics that deserve it. Come, join and get inspired.
  3. Show and tell at Creative Business Cup!
    What’s an idea without a place to showcase it? Here’s your chance to not just tell the world who you are and what you do, but also show them. Read more and apply  here.
  4. The Welcome Bootcamp
    Apply to the specially tailored bootcamp for hospitality and tourism focused startups before 14 June here.
  5. Amazing Pitch Competitions!
    Besides watching 60+ creative startups pitch for the title of ‘world’s most creative entrepreneur’, keep an eye out for three parallel competitions: The Creative Business Investor Pitch, the INVIO Experience Technology Solution and the Welcome Solution!

See you on 1-2 July? Get your ticket here!

creative business cup
Creative Business Cup 2019

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