Meet the Winners of Creative Business Cup 2017

The fierce competition demonstrated a top level of creativity, presentation, and innovation. Jurors and speakers reminded participants that by being..

November 24, 2017
CBN Team

Winner of Creative Business Cup 2017

The winner of Creative Business Cup 2017 is CellRobot From China.

Just as the cells in our bodies work together to create an organism, CellRobot is made up of single cells that, when combined, build functioning robots.

The Jury said:
“The first prize goes to a company which has provided an ingenious and easy-to-use way of combining problem-solving, robotics, coding and education into a fun and interactive activity for schools and children. The beauty of the products is that there are technically no rules on how to combine the elements and how to use it, and the only limit would be your own imagination. We look forward to seeing many more schools take this project on to help children continue to develop new skills. And the jury was especially impressed that they came to Denmark and dared to challenge Lego!”

CellRobot from China

2nd Prize Winner 2017

Genki Instruments from Iceland impressed the jury with Wave – a wearable ring that allows musicians to interact with technology in a more natural and expressive way than has been possible before.

The Jury said:
“The second prize goes to a company that combines deep technological skills with a passion for music. They work with state of the art technology, building their solutions from the ground up creating a beautiful user experience. As they say themselves: “When you use our products, they should feel like old friends and at the same time being groundbreakingly new.” Not only is this product absolutely wonderful as a tool to develop your musical skills – our judging panel also see a huge value and possibility for this technology in other industries as well. This company has a huge potential, and we look forward to seeing more from them in the future.”

Genki Instruments, Iceland

3rd Prize Winner 2017

Bildits is the only product that offers a hands-on, realistic experience of the process of building.

The Jury said:
“The third prize goes to a company that offers a concrete and physical way to link up our individual creativity with real-life building skills. In a world that is becoming completely overflown with technology, it is refreshing to see a company working to re-inject human creativity and hands-on skills back into the young (and not so young!) generations. Their vision is to integrate mechanical and electrical engineering with sustainable construction, through education. “Learning by doing” has a new meaning after this.”

Bildits, Lebanon

Winner of Invio Solution

The Winner of the Invio Solution is Mixtroz from USA. The focus of Invio Solution is to explore the latest forms of Experience Technology, and dig deeper into innovative ideas in this category.

The Jury Said:
“The mother and daughter team demonstrated a deft ability to speak in front of any audience, a clear idea and execution of their product and solutions. The team is competent and ideal for this type of business, as is their branding and marketing strategy. Mixtroz creates a new approach with its product, by improving upon the often-dreaded activity of networking. We hope to see a more playful format by gamifying future networking and take a more creative approach to the product to stand out. With this award, we hope to see Mixtroz become a powerful networking experience. “

Mixtroz USA

Winner of Watify Solution

Watify is an EU funded project that focuses on innovative SMEs that, through the adoption of digital or key enabling technologies, could be the symbol of Europe´s ground-breaking industry.

The winner is Ingelia from Spain.

The Jury said:
“They had a very clear rationale and a perfect combination of digital and physical technology in their presentation. They have shown a strong commitment to technological transformation and evolution. They are opening opportunities to other global business chains. They tackle key global challenges, such as pollution and waste management. They have recognized and applied elements of the sustainable development agenda for 2030.”

Ingelia, Spain

Winner eGovernance Solution

eGovernance Solution is an initiative to ease the digital work in the public sector.

The winner is PSII – Personal Sensitive Identifiable Information from Estonia.

The Jury said:
“They are building AI based Personal Sensitive Identifiable Information search engine for Governments to ensure the compliance for the new data protection regulation. Governments are obliged to ensure the citizens private data is protected. PSII enables governments efficiently research for private data leakages. By scanning and identifying the sensitive personal data stored in systems and public registers, PSII helps public sector organizations and companies to improve their data hygiene and meet the new GDPR regulation that will soon enter into force.”

Winner Creative Business Investor Pitch

The CBI Pitch is a opportunity for the finest creative startups to find potential external investments.

The winner is Heartstrings from Sweden.

The jury said:
“The company has been unanimously selected by the jury who highly recognizes and appreciates the potential of the company’s novel solution detecting heart disease: the number one killer around the world. The company will receive an award: EUR 5,000. We wish Heartstring lots of success and to continue its successful adventure winning awards across Europe and Globally.”

Microsoft Special Awards

Microsoft Bizspark plus program is a possibility for startups to help with growing their business.

The winner is Genki Instruments from Iceland.

The Jury said:
“The Microsoft Special Award goes to a company that is not only highly creative but allows the users to develop their innovative and creative skills in a new, playful, innovative and different way. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to break the boundaries and disrupt the ways of playing music makes GENKI INSTRUMENTS the winner of the Microsoft Special Award.”

Genki Instruments

Jury Special Mentions

Odai Karsou from Saudi Arabia.

The Jury said:
”We would like to give a special mentioning to Saudi Arabia. We often waste time going to the doctor for minor injuries because we do not have the know-how and the tools to take care of ourselves at home or in some cases in the wild. Odai Karsou gives us the power to do this in a fast and safe way. Such a simple concept, but so effective!

Odai Karsou

Jury Special Mentions

AM Breweries from Denmark.

The Jury said:
”We would like to have a special mention of Denmark. Waste is one of the key issues in our throw away society today and AM breweries have come up with a great solution. It combines our love for coffee and our need to be more sustainable for future generations. This drink is delicious, healthy and helps small scale farmers’ lives. An all round and full bodied concept!”

AM Breweries, Denmark

Jury Special Mentions

Butterfly Technology, Bahrain.

The Jury said:
“We would like to give a special mentioning to Butterfly Technology from Bahrain. Their passion is to turn creative ideas into real products through their support network. We believe that supporting budding entrepreneurs is the key to re-energising a country and bringing it to the forefront of innovation and creativity. We truly hope that they continue in their endeavours and keep working alongside CBC to find the next best startups for the future.“

Butterfly Technology, Bahrain

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