Meet the winners of Creative Business Cup 2016

The 2016 Creative Business Cup went beyond expectations and we are so proud of all the startups that participated! The level of innovation and ...

November 22, 2016
CBN Team

In the end, the title of world champion in creative entrepreneurship 2016 went to Green City Solution of Germany, who impressed the jury with their business idea; an urban tree covered by moss culture that eats particular matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone with the same effect as 275 natural urban trees. The runners-up were Poputar Smart Guitar of China, that made learning to play the guitar very easy; and City Transformer from Israel with their unique folding car concept, who were awarded second and third place respectively.

The best project ideas at this year’s Challenges at Creative Business Cup were also awarded. Green City Solutions (Germany), Jooki (Belgium), Poputar Smart Guitar (China), Haiku (France), HotClick (Chile), Lovia (Finland), Innomdle Lab (South Korea) where named best in their respective categories.

Rasmus Tscherning, CEO at Creative Business Cup, said: ”Over two intense days at this year’s Creative Business Cup, 400 creative startups have tested if their brilliant and innovative ideas can be transformed into a profitable business with a professional, international jury. They were all impressive. I am sure Green City Solutions has an exciting journey ahead of them.”

See all winners and find out why they won here under:

Winner of Creative Business Cup 2016

The winner of Creative Business Cup 2016 is Green City Solutions from Germany. The jury’s motivation to award the winner prize to Green City Solutions was this: ”This team captures both the imagination and the intelligence of good business. They bring nature and art together in a beautiful fusion to solve an important health issue in the world: air pollution. In a sustainable way they have created “City Trees” which will have an enormous impact on the air we breathe. Because of this extraordinary achievement, we in the jury would like to congratulate Green City Solutions from Germany.”

2nd Prize Winner 2016

The second prize went to Poputar Smart Guitar from China with the following motivation: “This team has managed to show a huge market potential by opening the door to a wide audience of reluctant music learners. By lowering the entry barriers into this world, they enable an easier and smarter learning process for the users. Their technology is applicable on a various range of portable music instruments as well, which potentially could have an impact on millions of people worldwide by allowing them to develop their creative skills easier.”

3rd Prize Winner 2016

Third prize went to City Transformer from Israel with the following words: “This team has taken on one of the biggest challenges in the urban landscape: finding an available parking space. Their solution to this problem is both visionary, creative and has a great design. Not only is their creation innovative, but the team behind the product is very competent and has already made several good industrial relationships. We believe that all these things combined will allow them to go far in the future.”

Winner of Creative Business Food Challenge

The winner of the this years Food Challenge was HotClick from Chile. The jury said: “The winner solves an everyday challenge for millions of people with low income: getting an affordable, warm and healthy meal at work. In a world of food waste and obesity the product is also relevant for other target groups. With new and reusable technology HotClick is making home cooking available – away from home.”

Winner of Creative Business Health Challenge

Green City Solutions from Germany received the first prize in the Health Challenge. The jury agreed that they present a creative business idea that combines aspects within design, IOT, and innovative thinking. This combination has already had an impact on the reduction of urban air pollution, and the jury believes that the winner’s idea will be beneficial to many people worldwide.

Invio Experience Technology Challenge

Innomdle Lab from South Korea was the winner of Invio Experience Technology Challenge. They said about Innomdle Lab: “Experience Technology can make us feel and do things in new, unseen and unexperienced ways. We are looking forward to following the winner of Invio Experience Technology Challenge.”

Kolding Mobility Challenge

The winner of this Challenge was Haiku by Asphalt Lab from France. The jury said: “The winner of the Kolding Mobility Challenge is a start-up, which can motivate the people of Kolding to change their ways concerning mobility and transportation. Furthermore, this concept can add value to your ride. The design municipality of Kolding is willing to test and develop this concept and is looking forward to adding other dimensions to the driving experience. This concept can potentially move people from cars to other transportation options and maybe add gamification to your ride. The winners pitch and product was inspiring and the municipality of Kolding sees the potential in this concept.”

Creative Business Play & Learn Challenge

Poputar Smart Guitar from China won the Creative Business Play & Learn Challenge. The motivation from the jury was the following: “This team has shown traction and great market potential by creating a platform that enables its users to learn faster and smarter. Quickly they have reached a high level of development and experience, and they have shown remarkable potential for developing their platform to work on several other instruments. From a business perspective, they have already demonstrated the viability of the business model with competitive advantages. We believe that Poputar Smart Guitar captured the essence of playing and learning and therefore they deserve the Creative Business Cup Play & Learn Challenge.”

Creative Business Sustainable Living Challenge

The winner of the Sustainable Living Challenge was Green City Solutions from Germany. The jury said: “We have chosen Green City Solutions for addressing an increasing worldwide problem of air pollution. The have developed a great scalable solution. The key is to use a model of interdisciplinary collaboration based on expertise in various domains which all contribute to its success. The creativity is perfectly integrated in the overall approach and the business model included a well thought-of service model, which has convinced the jury for a sustainable long-term profitable solution – therefore it represents the spirit of the Creative Business Cup.”

Creative Business Cup Investor Pitch

The Finish startup Lovia won this year’s Investor Pitch. The motivation was the following: “The jury is proud to announce the winner of the Creative Business Cup Investor Challenge. It is a company that turns scrap into gold and creates fashionable sustainable luxury accessories. The jury appreciates the ethical set of values the company is basing its business on – namely environmental responsibility, transparency and partnerships.”

ACE Creative Award

Jooki from Belgium won the ACE Creative Award. The jury said: “This year the ACE Creative Award goes to a company that leverages wireless technology in a way that frees children from the screen. The product is beautifully designed and taps into a growing yet vacant customer segment. The Jury is excited to see how, with an openness to explore and exploit the content opportunities the technology offers, this company will redefine how children discover music and audio content. We wish the winner success growing worldwide.”


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