Meet the jury members at Creative Business Cup 2016

We are announcing three more Creative Business Cup jury members - meet them here and learn more about them

November 1, 2016
CBN Team

Rebeca Hwang

Rebeca Hwang is co-founder Rivet Ventures, which invests in companies in women-led markets where female usage, decision-making, and purchasing are crucial to company growth. Rebeca is also Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the San Francisco-based startup, YouNoodle, which focuses on helping companies and governments engage with communities of entrepreneurs for open innovation and co-creation of products and services. Currently, YouNoodle’s technology platform helps power entrepreneurship initiatives by the governments of Chile, Peru, Denmark and companies of the stature of Verizon, Genentech, Cisco and Twitter. In 2014 alone, YouNoodle helped thousands of founders secure more than million in cash grants and prizes from corporations, universities and government.

Kei Hareyama

Kei Hareyama has over 15 years of experience managing investment and business development for multinational technology institutions – including serving as Managing Manager at Karabiner Capital, and CEO at Rock Climbing Partners for the Impact Investment project. He is also the Chair on board of the Global Angel Investment Network for Business Angel Investment, and a serial entrepreneur. He sits on the board of several major international startups, and serves as a transnational mentor for innovative companies pioneering new developments in a variety of industries. Hareyamas mission is to pioneer across the regions for the Social Impact industry. The project finance portfolio contains major international startups in Europe, Japan, and the Middle East with the aim to foster innovation and corporate development.

Emma Fau

Emma has over 15 years of professional experience in the venture capital industry, including 12 years of advocacy work at the European Private & Venture Capital Association (EVCA). Since 2013 she has been working at META Group, an international advisory an investment firm managing early stage funds and investing in start-ups in several European countries. Emma is also Independent Board member of Business Angels Europe (BAE), the European confederation for angels investing, and works for other investors organisations such as, an international network of family offices. During her carrier she has developed a solid know-how of the venture capital industry and a broad network of public and private investors. She is expert for the European commission assessing the investment readiness of SMEs participating at the SME instrument, and she supports companies who have received public funding to prepare for their negotiations with private investors. Emma graduated from University of Zaragoza with a degree in law and afterwards obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the European University in Brussels.

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