Meet the Finalists in the Cultiva Play & Learn Innovation Challenge


November 5, 2015
CBN Team

Cardboard Town of Cardboardia (Latvia)
Cardboardia – how to build your ideal world!
Imagine you could step out of your normal life and become a character in your own story. How would you make it? Whether you would like to be an artist or an entrepreneur (performer), to be fully immersed or to visit for a while, Cardboardia gives you the tools to build a community or participate in a totally unique creative experiment. Cardboardia builds towns from cardboard together with local communities. Their towns are sized usually from 500 to 3000 square meters, where people can work and have fun from between one week until a whole month. In advance, they openly call for projects in the field of creative economy, and applicants may try realizing their ideas. We have our own currency and bureaucratic and political system. Citizens of Cardboard Town cooperate to develop life in Cardboard Town.


Garden of Ideas (United Kingdom)
Garden of Ideas (GOI) is a 21st Century interpretation of the historic pleasure gardens of the UK. It will be a new space for the arts, where visitors will be transported through massive immersive art installations created by the world’s best artists, film-makers and theatre companies. GOI takes the form of a hill shaped garden. Exploring the slopes of the garden, visitors will discover entrances to the installations within.
GOI is being brought forward by Simon Elliott of Ahh…Arts Igniting Minds alongside a world-class, award-winning consulting team who between them have delivered the Eden Project, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. The project was recently exhibited at the UK GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai. Thrilling, playful and totally unprecedented, GOI brings thought-provoking, experiential art to a mass entertainment platform – a Pleasure Garden for the 21st century! A new profit making international Theme Park Pleasure Garden brand.

Garden of Ideas

MakerClub (United Kingdom)
MakerClub make 3D printed robotics projects for kids, teaching coding, electronics and product design. We also run cutting edge digital workshops teaching a range of technologies from creating video games to virtual reality, as well as running courses with our own robotics projects.



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