December 17, 2019


Winner of: Creative Business Cup Investor PitchLovia’s trademark products are leather bags and the brand icon cone jewel that has refined into a collection of jewelry. The aesthetics of the collection have been inspired by the Nordic nature and old folkloristic myths such as Kalevala epoch. Elegant bags and accessories are easily scalable and commercially successful, especially for web shop marketing. The jewelry collection has been designed to offer an easy approach to engage a customer in a new brand. In the past two years we have created processes for recycled and excess materials to be used in our designs. We source excess leathers from furniture industry and recycle centres, utilize skins from food industry, such as organic sheep skins and fish skins and use elk skins that would go to waste otherwise. Our bag production is made in luxury leather goods factory in Milan.

One of Lovia’s core values is transparency, and to concretize that we have developed a DNA concept that reveals the whole production chain of Lovia to the material sources, production methods and locations. The DNA is incorporated in Lovia’s web store and the information is made attractive and easily approachable by pictures and storytelling. When browsing any product, a customer can either just glance the materials and pictures of makers or click to dig deeper in case they are interested in certain materials or producers. Each Lovia product has their own DNA profile and all the products are numbered.

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