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November 8, 2020
Edoardo Montenegro

Global SouthTech is one of the partners Creative Business Network has chosen for Play & Learn. GST is a platform helping tech startups, projects and teams connect with the right partners in multiple markets for the purpose of scaling up, finding sales, and distribution channels.

GST operates through a Matching Engine and match solutions that startups and teams are offering with multiple innovation challenges and real-world problems which are a fit that organizations and corporates are facing in many regions.

GST is also creating a marketplace for which tech solutions create the supply, problems, or innovation challenges create the demand. GST is looking for mentors, investors, and heads of accelerators who will act as facilitators to the matches being produced.

How can you Enroll?

Read this post to know how you can enroll on GST and, if you are interested, send your solution information using this form or send an email to connect[at]globasouth[dot]net. You can also follow GST via Facebook and Instagram.

Meet GST at CBN Play & Learn

Tuesday 10 November at 2:00 p.m. we will host Adrian Avendano, founder of GST, at CBN Play & Learn. Join us to meet experts, investors and startups that are reshaping the future of education through play. Signup today.

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