It is time for Asia-Pacific collaboration

The region with 10 different time-zones!

June 18, 2020
CBN Team

On Tuesday April 21, 2020, Creative Business Network held the first regional National Partner Call with National Partners from the Asia-Pacific region, which involved Central, East and South East Asia as well as Oceania. But, wait a minute, how can you bring together countries with 10 different time-zones in the same call? Well, It was very early morning here in Denmark and late afternoon in New Zealand, that turned out to be the best time for all.  

This time, partners from 13 different countries met for the first time on a Creative Business Network meeting. Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam joined the Zoom meeting room to introduce themselves to our network and look for collaboration opportunities.  

What are we trying to do?

Asia-Pacific is a region worth exploring and diving into. Everything is big: cities, population, technology, and there is no doubt that creativity in the region is also endless. Our efforts of bringing together a region which is so different, is driven by the dream of reaching outcomes as colorful as the cultures present. It’s time to celebrate our differences and showcase them through creativity, and this is Asia-Pacific’s role.  

What did I, as Global Network Manager, learn from this call?

Having the opportunity to collaborate with people from across the globe is what drives me to research new opportunities, connect people together and facilitate the means to get collaborations going. Seeing all the partners together whom I’ve been in calls with, emailing and looking after their startups in Copenhagen; makes it all worth it!

About the author: Diego Jaén is the Global Network Manager at Creative Business Network. He has an educational background in communication and political sciences. With more than 5 years of experience in the development of entrepreneurial programs in Central America, Latin America, multi-regional and global level, he has worked with international and governmental funds to support the creative and cultural industries.

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