How does a free Startup Expo ticket to infoShare Startup Zone sound?


May 31, 2016
CBN Team

Creative Business Cup is offering 3 Startup Expo tickets for this year’s infoShare Startup Zone Conference to CBC startups. The principle is first come, first serve, so hurry up and send your request no later than April 6th!

The ticket includes a stand where you can display your project to all 5000 participants. Read more about the perks here (see the ticket type Startup). The tickets only covers 1 person per ticket, but the rest of your team can register for a basic ticket, which is 100% free. Remember to also check out some of the other ticket options – you might be interested in the opportunities they offer.

If you are a Creative Business Cup startup, write an e-mail to to win a free ticket. Include your company name and the year you participated in Creative Business Cup. You will have to cover your own travel and accommodation.

Read more about infoShare here:

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