Gelatex Technologies secured the spot


October 20, 2019
Lyzanette Padua

It surely was a wonderful day for Estonia – especially in the business world. A round of applause, raised fists and series of ‘’whoo!’’ were heard inside the venue —  a sign that a victory had been secured.

Gelatex Technologies, a startup company from Estonia which previously snagged the spot for CBC National Winner, and develops innovative eco-friendly leatherlike textile that chemically identical to leather – its mere objective impressed the expert jury during a live pitch last 17th October. Its gelatin-based substitute to conventional leather was surely a winning piece that trounced the other five startups in the circular economy.

According to The Green Alley Award press release, Gelatex Technologies’ product was received with great applause from the jury – especially due to its high level of innovation. The environmentally friendly substitute to leather is produced from low-value gelatine waste from the meat and leather industries. The textile is generated without the use of toxins and is organic and biodegradable. Its ability to attune the thickness and texture makes Gelatex attractive for both the textile and automotive industry.

The Green Alley Award is the first European startup prize for the circular economy. Landbell Group has been honoring creative startups whose ideas help make the sector more sustainable since 2014. In 2019 it garnered entries from 274 startups in over 30 countries, with business models in the areas of the digital circular economy, recycling and waste prevention.

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Gelatex Technologies

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