Denmark is a Good Place To Do Business

Copenhagen is singular in the world of startup, experimentation, kickass ideas and capital

May 31, 2019
Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning

Welcome to our basecamp. We’re glad you’re here.

Denmark has a lot to offer for creatives – not just because it’s a happy country with happy people (always voted the happiest in the world). We have a lot to offer startups and entrepreneurs outside the business world. We have a strange ski hill in the middle of Copenhagen for year-round skiing. We have tons of cute houses where elves could dwell.  And Tivoli. We have that, too.

Copenhagen is singular in the world of startup, experimentation, kickass ideas and capital.

I say this as a completely biased, life-long, skinny-jean wearing Dane because I believe in Denmark, not only as a country of happy people, bicycles and elf houses, I believe in Denmark as a culture that embraces and celebrates creative thinking, design and the arts. It’s built into our heritage and our culture. It’s a DNA thing.  Maybe even a Viking thing. Either way, we love sharing our city with all Creative Business Cup finalists.

And this year is no different. We are pleased to welcome our startup competitors from around the globe to pitch for our jury, to put it all out there and to join us as a community embracing the arts, technology and new ways of thinking.

I could toss down a bunch of statistics here, but I don’t want to. We’re not that cheap. Just know this – we like bikes, boats and skinny jeans and we are honored to share our city with you — like you, we are a city that understands disruptive thinking.

We want you to experience the joy and beauty of Denmark on your own terms. Welcome to Creative Business Cup 2019. We’re glad you’re here. Don’t forget your sunglasses!


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