Creative Business Cup Global Finals: Semi-Finalists 2020 & 2021


June 29, 2021
Marta Casero

After having 70+ startups pitching in the first round of the Creative Business Cup Global Finals 2020 & 2021, the juries have chosen the 25 entrepreneurs who will be at the Semi-Finals.

Creative Business Cup Semi-Finalists 2020

Creative Business Cup 2020

1. CANWORKS, South Korea – Canworks is a company that designs and manufactures Lightweight automated canseamer food packing machine that can be used for many purposes, we care of environment and small business owner.

2. COSGEAR, Norway – Cosgear makes high-tech accessories that allow cosplayers worldwide to dress up like their favorite characters from games, bringing their costumes to the next level.

3. CREATIVE PRACTICE, Ukraine – They bring EdTech for creative industries. Creative Practice is an online education and hiring platform for creative industries, who develops online software solutions and educational content, available by subscription.

4. DAJE STUDIO, Georgia – Prefabricated, eco-friendly, kid furniture. Their products are durable, easy to assemble, easy to carry around, comfortable and eco-friendly.

5. FACEUP, Czech Republic – An anonymous reporting channel that is always at hand. For either company employees and school students.

6. QUALITY LIFE, Thailand – Quality Life creates eco-friendly food packaging and recyclable packaging containers. They recently exported and sold prototypes to New York and California, and are now looking to expand.

7. RAIKKU, Estonia – Raikku manufactures sustainable packagings made of a patented compostable wooden fabric.

8. RENDERRO, Poland – The Cloud Workplace for filmmakers, graphic designers and animators. Renderro moves the entire workflow in film post production, graphic design and animation from a traditional, physical studio environment to the Cloud.

9. SAFARI SEAT, Sweden – Innovative design lifting people out of poverty. Uji designs produces, and now commercialises SafariSeat, the all-terrain wheelchair changing the lives of low-income mobility-impaired people in Kenya.

10. THE LIGHTNING ARTZ, Nigeria – At The Lightning Artz, they manufacture high-quality functional pottery wares, water filters, and all types of food-safe ceramics. AquaMax is thei flagship product; a ceramic water filter built to serve the 83 million Nigerians in the rural slums.

11. TRAVELLI, Denmark – Travelli is revolutionizing the way women travel. Their aim is to unite female travellers in one app, and to facilitate an easy, convenient and safe way of travelling for women.

12. WINGO DEPOSIT, Latvia – WinGo Deposit is a tech company that has developed a device for the end user to sort packaging and batteries, while helping them change their life style and habits.

Creative Business Cup Semi-Finalists 2021

Creative Business Cup 2020

1. CEVELYN, Turkey – Cevelyn is developing an Artificial Intelligence-based emotion-aware personalized music composer software.

2. DONAR, Slovenia – Earth. Intelligence. Comfort

3. EDUMUS, Estonia – Edumus is a platform for potential teachers, schools and curricula, which enables schools to engage working professionals in teaching – one grade and one subject at a time.

4. FOOTPRINT LEVEL, Sweden – Footprint Level visualizes climate footprint in line with the Paris Accord.

5. INVESTORY TOY FACTORY, Romania – Investory is a learning game for children and parents to easily understand finance. With this engaging game, gone are the boring speeches and talks about money, credit and interest.

6. LOLY MIDI, Ecuador.

7. PLAYTRONICA, Russia – Playtronica creates musical gadgets, workshops, and performances. Aiming at broadening musical education, they invent instruments for everyday life.

8. PHOTIO, Chile – We replicate the photosynthesis process on any surface. Fractal creates and sell a nanotechnological paint additive that reduces greenhouse gases when applied to any surface.

9. SCENT CAMERA, Latvia – Scent Camera is a mobile device for consumers to record, store, and release scents as easy as to take pictures or record sounds.

10. SCYLLA STUDIO, Croatia – Scylla Studio creates video games such as ReMind; a sci-fi puzzle video game that immerses players into the future world of technology while introducing them to the ethics of neuroscience and its impact on the society.

11. SONGPARK, Norway – The next generation online music collaboration tool. Songpark has developed a new synchronization and transfer protocol for ultra-low latency audio transfer over the public internet.

12. THE WREN DESIGN, South-Africa – The Wren Design are makers of durable-stitched paper lifestyle accessories.They take reclaimed cement paper, fuse it to fabric, and coat it to be water resistant using an environmentally friendly seal.  

13. WIZKIT, Bangladesh – Wizkit  Wizkit is an education-innovation organization.

Impressed? We are far from being done with the competition! The Semi-Finals will take place on the 29th June, and then, on the 30th June, the jury members will crown the best creative startups of 2020 & 2021 – Watch it in our online community!

Global Finals

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