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July 6, 2017
CBN Team

Creative Business Cup is part of the Regional Creative Industries Alliance (RCIA). RCIA now published its first newsletter to inform about how RCIA advances on the road towards better regional policies dedicated to creating a modern business ecosystem by using the transformative power of creative SMEs as a key competitiveness factor. Read a summary below or click here for a full read! For more information on RCIA, click here.

How and when has RCIA started the cooperation?

The kick-off meeting took place in Vienna on 1-3 March 2017. Besides laying a solid foundation for an efficient management and agreeing on the strategy of how to communicate to the targeted stakeholders, but also to the wider public, the partners focused on starting the real work on policies. The first step was to gather a first insight on what policy good practices are there in their regions to be shared and the second step to cluster them in a structure that shall make the exchange on these practices efficient from a transferability perspective. Read more.

Wallonia was home to the partners’ second meeting and study visit on May 22-24th 2017.

The visit was thematically planned around the project’s objective “To develop/adapt/improve the eco-system from classic spatial cross-collaboration into a holistic approach”

To get a head start on experiencing the creative initiatives of Wallonia and the work of the regional stakeholders, the partners attended the Walloon Creativity Week launch event at the Albert Jacquard college in Namur. Aside from a well-conducted program with talks from Mr. Jean-Claude Marcourt, Walloon economy Minister and Jean-Paul Erhard, Managing Partner of Peoplesphere the RCIA partners were greeted with a merge of RCIA and Creative Wallonia in the shape of a flag. Read the full summary here.

RCIA Library

In the spirit „Discover, learn and share“ the project partners put together a collection of publications on CCI policies that they identified so far as being relevant to their work. Visit our virtual library here!

RCIA activities in the partner regions

The RCIA partners were busy setting up their Local Stakeholder Groups, a „think-tank“ approach including relevant representatives of various types of organizations related to the design, implementation, and impact of CCI policies in the regions. Read more on the partner’s activities here.

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