CBC Boot Camps 2016

A new initiative invites startups to Denmark for a two-day boot camp for them to get ready for the finals

September 14, 2016
CBN Team

Creative Business Cup has this year started new exciting cooporations with new partners, which has resultated in The CBC Boot Camps. We have two boot camps planned this year – one in cooporation with Kolding Business and one in cooporation with both gribskov Erhvervscenter and Scan Shipping. The two boot camps are focusing on countries from different parts of the world aiming at creating strong bonds as well as a good starting point for future collaboration. Kolding Boot Camp is inviting all startups from Middle East North Africa (MENA) to come to Kolding for the two day boot camp, while the boot camp in Gribskov collaborating with Scan Shipping is hosting all startups participating in the finals from Asia. The boot camps are held in the context of The Creative Business Cup International Finals and will take place just before the finals to help the startups get even more focused and ready before the big event.

Why a boot camp?

The two days long boot camps are dedicated to provide the opportunity and time for the startups to sharpen and hone their pitch, strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and get ready for The Creative Business Cup Finals. Overall, the boot camps are specially created to strengthen entrepreneurship in the creative industries in Kolding, the MENA region, Asia and Gribskov through:

  • Capacity building of entrepreneurship organizations
  • Supporting startups with business development and internationalization
  • Improved access to finance through investor readiness

At the boot camps the creative competences with be coupled with commercial competences and networks, entrepreneurship development, access to finance and internationalization – all crucial elements in creating high growth entrepreneurs and startups in the creative industries. This will not only increase the level at international final, but also help the startups to reach their potential.

Click here and learn more about The Kolding Boot Camp and The Gribskov-Asia Boot Camp.

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