A greener Copenhagen

The sustainable city of tomorrow

August 27, 2019
Lyzanette Padua

Photo/Image courtesy by: Johan Mouchet

Copenhagen – this beautiful serene city is truly worth the lavish – and it is possible to get a taste of Copenhagen’s high quality of life and designer style without skimping on luxury.  Everything in this city is within biking distance – from art museums to cozy cafes, to luxurious fashion stores, to minimalistic infrastructures.. you name it.

The city feels airy with a low skyline, spacious streets that favour pedestrians and cyclists – and not to mention — the city being sustainable and heading towards a greener community.

Here are the five things that make Copenhagen greener:

  1. Green roof

In terms of sustainable design and infrastructure – Copenhagen is one of the notable cities. In addition to that, Copenhagen has become the first Scandinavian city to initiate having a green roof as a part of an overall strategy. The initiative is city’s one way of becoming completely carbon neutral by year 2025.

  1. Electric private cars and public transport

Copenhagen’s public transport such as buses will make the transition from diesel to electric. The aim of this initiative is to encourage people to utilize public transport instead of cars – which will then lessen the traffic.

  1. Bike City

Copenhagen is ranked among the world’s top biking cities – because everybody use it. You can find people in Copenhagen saddling their bicycles – whether it’s sunny, raining or snowing. And it is just fast, convenient, climate-friendly, free and enjoyable – and with a chance of stumbling upon a hidden gem in the city or outskirts of town.

  1. Green areas

When it comes to hitting green streak – Copenhagen is leading. Within the time frame of 2015-2025, the Municipality of Copenhagen aims to plant over 100,000 new trees — and most of the trees will be planted close to Islands Brygge.

  1. Clean Waters

Denmark – has some of the cleanest water in the world and it is ensured that the tap water undertakes very strict quality controls to certify that it is perfectly safe to drink. More than 60 drinking fountains are accessible for people to enjoy free of charge.


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