7 Play & Learn startups pitching with investors with CBN


November 5, 2020
Edoardo Montenegro

Tuesday 10 November via 7 startups from all over the world will be pitching in front of investors.

Following the Play & Learn challenge we launched on F6S, we selected 7 startups which are cutting edge in learning through play and will pitch in front of investors.

Sign up to watch the webinar on 10 November – 2:00 p.m. CET here.

5vDR (Egypt)

A digital studio based in Cairo, pioneering the creation of absorbing VR/AR experiences. 5vDR delivers immersive digital realities that result in total emotional engagement. That is the value of this technology.  The platforms and creative content they provide deliver total immersion and an unforgettable experience. They have been creating AR solutions since 2011 and introducing VR into the regional market in 2014. Fans of and fanatical about digital reality. Their name, the Fifth Dimension, comes from our belief that VR is such a disruptive technology it’s in fact a new dimension for human experience. Space and time have become variables at our command.

Bildits (Lebanon)

Bildits is a toy for kids of different age groups: (6+; 8+ & 10+), that introduces the user to the real process of construction where they will build their own house with their own hands. In other words, Bildits replicates the real-life construction procedures on a smaller scale. This includes constructing steel structures, installing formwork, pouring cement, building masonry walls, painting, and more. The instructions provided in the instruction manual explain how and why each construction procedure is done. Moreover, the pieces in the kit are modular, which gives the user the freedom to dream, design, and build any structure they want. We like to say “Bildit in your mind, construct it with your hands!”

Kide Science (Finland) 

Learning scientific thinking in early childhood predicts better learning outcomes in school. Kide Science supports children’s scientific thinking through play-based learning. Kide Science was born through years of academic research done in Finland, where they developed play-based STEAM concept for 3–8-year old children. During rigorous research at the University of Helsinki, Kide Science built a learning model that combines all aspects of engaging STEAM learning. They did it by creating a playful STEAM education model to help even a three-year-old to start their journey to become a critical thinker.

Lamsa EdTEch (UAE) 

Lamsa is the number one Arabic Edutainment app in the region and is on a mission to spread the love of learning through engaging, fun and interactive stories, games and videos. They provide a safe and ad-free environment for kids aged 3 to 8 through local and international content that adheres to Arabic values and culture. At Lamsa, they believe that when children read and acquire knowledge they build the proper foundation that shapes their personalities and identity for a brighter future. We all know that reading is a culture that must spread to each home, school as well as the society as a whole. This culture is what will transform our young Arab generation to love to learn, love to think and in return love to innovate. Enriching school curricula with Children’s literature comes as a main building block towards building a knowledge-based generation which we want to help build.

Poputar (China)

Poputar Smart Guitar is a smart. Poputar instructs users to press the strings with left hand through LED light and to pluck the strings with right hand through the guidance of a game-based App, thus turning the boring music learning into a vivid interaction between human and guitar. Poputar helps a beginner to master pop music accompaniment through a game similar to the real version of “Guitar Hero”. ‘Poputar’ is the abbreviation of ‘The Most Popular Guitar’, aiming at bringing more fun and joy to people who love music. Unlike traditional guitars, there are 120 glittering LED lights on the fingerboard of Poputar Smart Guitar. Poputar visualizes the finger position to simplify the way we learn to play guitar, and the App visualizes the rhythm of music so that beginners can follow the game to practice guitar skills. Compared to a traditional instrument, Poputar provides a fresh way to pick up simple guitar skills in a short time, and the sound recognition technology allows users to get immediate feedback on whether they play it correct.

Snowflake Education (Sweden) 

Snowflake Education is dedicated to help universities, schools and organizations with integrating sustainability in their training and education activities. The framework consists of an online platform and a range of educational board games plus the needed training for faculty and teachers (online and live). They struggle today with this since teaching sustainability is difficult: they are usually experts in something else, understanding sustainability means understanding complex systems, and they need to address difficult issues in the classroom that often involves balancing opposing values and opinions. The games stimulate active learning. The online platform enables using the games in a flipped classroom setting. Snowflake have recorded hours of online lectures, student assignments and exam questions to help the educator integrate our concept in their courses.

Superdough (Malayasia)
Superdough is a creative venture that have created immersive experiences in escape rooms and interactive haunted houses using integrated technology such as IoT. They created a strong escape game brand with global presence and are also the first to craft an immersive horror experience blending art & technology in South East Asia. Characters are introduced in escape rooms as superpowers to enhance gameplay strategy among players, creating an intense and immersive atmosphere where collaborative decision-making becomes a crucial part of the game.

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