5 keys to creating a great team

Building a culture of excellence starts with the people you bring into your organization

December 6, 2019
Amy Cosper

Hiring is hard – maybe one of the most challenging things a founder has to do. But it’s also the most important. Your success or failure depends on who you surround yourself with. The road to entrepreneurship is littered with the bones of bad hires and failed partnerships.

We put together this list of tip and tricks to hiring a great team.

  1. Hire people who have complimentary skill sets to yours. Do not hire people just like you. This is a known path to potholes. For example, if you are a Type A personality, don’t surround yourself with too many Type As. It creates tension and clashes occur.
  2. Hire people who solve problems unique to your organization. Scott Halford, author of the books “Be a shortcut” and “Activate your Brain” strongly urges founders to hire people who will become a “shortcut” for your business. What is a shortcut? “Shortcuts are individuals and companies that function like lifelines to the people and organizations that most depend on them. They are available when needed, they humbly perform tasks without complaint, they are masters of their own specific skill, and they always present a positive attitude,” says Halford.
  3. Take your time when hiring and be sure to stick to a consistent process. Look, we know you may be anxious to fill a position, but take your time and interview a broad swatch of people. The most important thing to remember is to stick to a process. Dig deep. Really get to know what your needs are.
  4. Use a variety of platforms to find your candidates. Find influencers. Use LinkedIn, use Twitter, use facebook. Get to know which platforms your community uses most.
  5. Meet the team. When bringing a new hire into an existing team, make sure your team participates in the interview process.

Hiring is hard, but it is one of the most crucial parts of creating excellence and laying the foundation to success.

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